Under Siege: A Syrian Diary

I am Rafeeq from the Syrian city of Homs. I used to be a student at the university but became a dropout after the revolution in my country started. While I didn’t get involved in organising anti-regime rallies, I was occupied with helping in field hospitals those injured in the crackdown on protests.

But as the government started using advanced and heavy weaponry, the injuries became more serious and required complicated surgeries. And because I am not a surgeon, the least I was able to do is to document the suffering of those injured.
I began exploring photography. It became my new hobby while living under siege. It also became my new purpose. Several of my friends died while taking footage of the shelling and the humanitarian catastrophe in Homs and so I feel I the need to carry out their work.

While those still alive in Old Homs neighbourhood are slowly dying – due to lack basic living requirements such as food, drinking water and medical supplies – we cannot resign to our fate. We have a duty to carry out what our friends have started.If luck is on my side and I manage to survive the shelling and the sufferings it has brought, I intend to constantly update you with my story of life under siege.

Under Siege: A Syrian Diary

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