Irrfan credits the success of the movie to the original Paan Singh Tomar

In a free-wheeling discussion with public, Irrfan, who did the title role in the hugely successful movie Paan Singh Tomar, gave all the credit to Tomar on whose life the movie is based. Actor Irrfan, director Tigmanshu Dhulia and other key members behind the movie addressed many questions as a part of Q&A session at the ongoing 12th Osians Cinefan Film Festival here in Delhi. The movie was screened yesterday in the ‘newstream’ section at the festival.

Debunking the myth that a divide exists between mainstream cinema and new wave cinema, Tigmanshu Dhulia stressed that there is only good cinema and bad cinema and the audience is quite discerning in their choice. He further added that the emergence of multiplexes in larger cities has helped small budget movies with a specific niche to find their viewers across the country. Here, Irrfan added that the movie Paan Singh Tomar was essentially a story that was suited for single-screen theatres but the movie was mounted on the platform that is more suitable for multiplexes.


On a specific question on the kind of preparation did Irfan made for the movie, he mentioned that there are some characters that enter straight into an actor’s heart and then inspire him or her to deliver best results. Tigmanshu agreed and mentioned that even if the narrative is totally based on realism, its presentation needs to have enough drama to retain audience interest. It was an unanimous opinion of the entire panel that no movie should compromise on the entertainment quotient for its viewers.

Tigmanshu further commented that emergence of corporate names in movie production has not helped much for small budget films. Movie making continues to be a challenge for those who do not have enough budgets.

The audience were regaled with so much sincerity and honest expression of their opinion that the questions would not stop. Indeed, it was a rare sight when someone from movie fraternity could connect so well with its viewers .




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