Films cannot be blamed for violence in society: Anurag Kashyap

New Delhi, 4 August:

Path breaking filmmaker Anurag Kashyap said today that he did not agree that violence affected the people and led to a more violent society.

Addressing a press meet at the ongoing 12th Osian’s Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema, Anurag said it was unreal violence that people cringed from. For example, killing of animal a butcher’s shop is often enough to make people turn to vegetarianism.

He said persons indulging in violence had other problems and could not blame films for this. He said the recent killing of people in a theatre in the United States during the film on Batman had occurred in the first show of the film, and therefore had nothing to do with the content of that film. So ‘you cannot blame the films for the violence’.

He said ‘revenge can be non-violent also’. He said society and even films had shown that no intelligent person indulges in violence but gets this done through other people or by provoking them. 

Speaking after the screening of the second part of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, he said that he was conscious that the songs of the film were not the type to go on radio but were the kind that would be well received by listeners.

He described the lyricist Piyush Mishra as his sounding board and said they had worked together in Gulal and the first part of this film. Piyush has not only written and sung some of the songs and acted in the film, but also played the role of narrator.

Anurag said that Piyush is somewhat disillusioned with everything around him, but agreed that this could be the reason for his strongly-worded but effective songs.

However, he said some of the songs were based on local folk songs that are popular in the region. He said he could not stop toying with new ideas just because a song will not be played on radio.

He admitted that the film was essentially a revenge story. He claimed that though the film was fictional, every incident was based on some incident or another that had occurred in the region.

While denying he was influenced or had taken anything from any foreign filmmaker for this film, he said he had loved the cinema of the 80s and earlier decades. He said he had been affected by people like like Coppola and some others in the west and Ram Gopal Varma.

Referring to the scenes where characters talk about cinema, Anurag denied he had any contempt for cinema but used this to show the impact of cinema on the average citizen.

Cinema should stay the way it is, he emphasized, adding that there no conscious references to cinema. He said he wanted films to be seen, even if they are then rejected by the audiences.

He said in answer to a question that there was no intentional comedy in the film. He was reacting to an observation that light scenes had been inserted deliberately.

Anurag said he had no plans at present to make a third part of Gangs of Wasseypur. Noting that he had begun his career as a script writer, he said the first film he had written was Hansal Mehta’s ‘Jayate’. His own film ‘Black Friday’ had been sent to several foreign festivals including Cannes.

He said he liked to have a mix of both professional and non-actors for his films. ‘I like to take people who trust me so much that if I put them to an edge, they will do it’, he added.

Sayeed Zeeshan Qadri who comes from the Dhanbad area and has done the research and the scripting of the film and also played a major role said he had trained in a workshop for six months.

The women in the film – Reema Sen, Huma Qureshi and Richa Chadda – said that though it was male dominated film, Anurag had given the women decision making roles where they made the men act the way they did. Furthermore, they said the film had shown different kinds of man-woman relationships. 

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