Celebration is an excellent form of healing wounds and cementing distances: Jaideep

New Delhi, 4 August:

Jaideep Panjabi whose production ‘Patang’ is in the Indian Competition of the 12th Osian’s Cinefan Festival, said the medium of the kite is only a symbol of how celebration can be a great healer.

He said at a press meet that the film directed by Prashant Bhargava (who was not present) was made after researching for three years. The film had been eight years in the making.

It had been shot in Ahmedabad with 90 per cent non-actors and only Seema Biswas as the most recognizable face.

He wanted to show how people get healing through celebration by shooting the yearly Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat where over 10,000 colourful kites are fluttering at any time.

The film shows how several relationships are cemented and misunderstandings removed in three days of celebrations. It is thus a film of hope, life and celebration.

To that extent, he agreed that the film was almost like a documentary, but it had a story build around six people who are affected by the celebrations.

Shot digitally in high definition, this Indo-American film had its premiere in the Berlinale and has been released in North America. Jaideep hopes to release in India by the end of the year.

Seema said she had initially not liked the story. But the director Prashant sent her the script and she had second thoughts. Prashant’s mother then took Seema to a workshop with children. It was almost as if Prashant was the local and Seema was the non-resident Indian, going by the way children loved him.

In most cases, the characters did not know where the cameras were and this made their acting very realistic and it was difficult to tell who was professional against the newcomers.

In fact, the director made the artistes start dancing without telling them there were hidden cameras.  

Jaideep said the New York Times had heaped huge praise on the film which has already been to several festivals and won awards as well.

Jaideep said this is his first film and is therefore like a new born baby. The research and editing had taken a long time.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui was also present at the press meet.

Jaideep said he was happy that some theatre chains had come forward to support a different kind of cinema and this will help to cultivate audiences. He said people still loved to come to theatres to watch their films as against seeing DVDs.

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