In Solidarity with Comrade VS Achuthanandan’s Stand on Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

The CPI(M)’s public censure of Comrade VS Achuthanandan for opposing the commissioning of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant (KNPP) which is supposedly “contrary” to the stand adopted by the party, is strange and hypocritical. The CPI(M) Central Committee communiqué itself notes that an “independent safety review has not been conducted” for the KNPP and condemns the repression and slapping of false charges against the protesters. What is stopping the CPI(M) leadership to oppose the commissioning of the KNPP till the safety concerns are satisfactorily met and to express active solidarity with the protesters in Kudankulam? How does the solidarity expressed by Comrade VS with the protesters become “contrary” to the CPI(M) stand?

The concerns over steps taken for safety in the KNPP are legitimate. It is noteworthy that the 17 safety safeguards recommended by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board committee vis-à-vis the KNPP have not yet been complied with. The Supreme Court has also observed in the ongoing case that that the safety concerns regarding KNPP are supreme and the money spent on the reactors is of lesser consequence. Yet cases of sedition have been filed and repression has been unleashed against protesters around the Kudankulam area.

The disciplinary action taken against a senior Communist leader for supporting a peoples’ struggle on a genuine issue is therefore utterly bewildering. It shows that the CPI(M) leadership is paying mere lip service to the safety concerns regarding the KNPP and the repression unleashed against the protesters. We the undersigned express solidarity with Comrade VS Achuthanandan and urge upon all left and democratic forces to actively oppose the hasty commissioning of the KNPP and the repression unleashed against the protesters. 


Albeena Shakil
Anubhuti Maurya
Dhananjay Tripathi
Harish Wankhede
Prakash K Ray
Prasenjit Bose
Rohit Azad
Roshan Kishore
Srinivasan Ramani
V. Lenin Kumar
Zico Dasgupta

Issued by Rohit Azad, New Delhi on October 15, 2012. We would request those who endorse the statement to add their names in the comments section of this post or send an email to

Endorsed by:

Meera Seetharaman

Pritam Dutta


Sharanya Hrishikesh

Ishan Anand

Ruchira Sen


Sudeep Kumar

Somrita Ganguly

Bhabani Shankar Nayak


Shouvik Chakraborty


Siddhartha Chakraborti

Nandan Nawn

Hemalatha Gunasekaran

Anshul Trivedi

Vidya Soundararajan

Maidul Islam

Sangita Saha

Muthu Krishnan

Jairus Banaji

Rohini Hensman

Aparna Easwaran


Tamil Selvam

Gnani Sankaran

Sourindra Ghosh

Pradip Chatterjee

Harsh Kapoor

Praful Bidwai

Antony Arulraj

Aniket Alam

P. Radhakrishnan

2 replies to “In Solidarity with Comrade VS Achuthanandan’s Stand on Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

  1. Stop Kudankulam / Jaitapur Nuclear Plants in India……Stop Nuclear Plants everywhere in the world.

  2. Shaji Krishnan ; Fully endorse the stand taken by Com.V.S. in the Koodankulam struggle. He is concerned over the fate of the people living in the area and the repressive policies adopted by the state to suppress the struggle.

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