Talaash: In Search of Reason

Chandigarh based Vijendra Trighatia is a film buff and writes extensively on cinema.

Vijendra Trighatia
Vijendra Trighatia

I have got to hand it to Reema Kagti. For once I couldn’t decide if I was thrilled, sleepy or bored. I wanted the movie to end soon but was still hoping to see thunderous climax. I couldn’t figure out where the movie was headed and was trying to solve the mystery, if you can call it that. Two thirds into the narrative one does get the feeling that this is headed nowhere and yet you are curious on what is going to happen next. So can we classify this as a thriller? I won’t! So much has been packed into it that an unreal end becomes a foregone conclusion. But don’t let that deter you from venturing into the hall.

Aamir Khan holds all the complicated threads of the movie and rarely do you see anything other than the troubled character that he plays. And that leads me to a wider question. Do you let unforeseen events in your life affect it to the point where you scatter it to pieces? What happens to the intrinsic human strength and character to fight back and get on the normal road of life? Why should the devils that prey on your mind be allowed to continuously plague it? It would be pompous pontificating were it not for the fact that I have had a window pretty close to the harsh realities of life and so have had some of the people very dear to me. Even though it is difficult for me to empathize with Aamir’s character but then this is just a movie albeit with an unusual theme, at least in the beginning it promises to be.Talaash_poster

I can’t discuss the story without giving something away. However I liked the sights of Mumbai by night but then that was my photographer’s eye roving on juicy photo opportunities. The darker aspects of its night life have been effectively captured. There are some glitches here and there but forgivable unlike the Yash Chopra swan sang where the presumption seemed to be that only illiterate imbeciles come to movie theatres. The movie is a performer’s paradise. All the four principal characters have given their souls to it. Kareena looks fetching and fat alternatively. Rani, sans make up, is awesome in her freckled faced intensity. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s play is yet another testimony to his powerhouse of a talent. He is a special guy and after Gangs of Wasseypur I consider myself as an ardent fan. This time around too he does not disappoint. He has a special talent to make the ordinary look special. Aamir is great, no doubt, but in comparison to his past roles this one doesn’t exactly rate very highly. The narrative does achieve one thing though. As you get out of the hall, you are likely to have a slightly heavy head, a tad disappointed as well and by the time you reach your car you would probably say, ahh well, not too bad.

2 replies to “Talaash: In Search of Reason

  1. i am surprised how all the critics including this one have not stood up and said this a bad movie.infact i felt cheated by the fact that how Amir Khan can use his name and come up with such things. on a different note, I was also a bit happy that my contention with Amir Khan fans that don’t treat him as a God who will always come up with best things stands vindicated. I request all to clear the air and be honest in accepting and telling that this is a bad movie and thats it.

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