Huzur’s next book is on Soho

After winning critical acclaim with his ‘Imran Versus Imran: The Untold Story‘, a definitive biography of Imran Khan Niazi, Pakistan’s legendary cricketer-turned-politician, which got him critical appreciation in South Asia, Britain, Gulf and elsewhere, Frank Huzur is ready to offer his legion of readers, ‘Soho,’ especially written in his native tongue of Hindustani. The pre-booking of ‘Soho : Jism se Ruh ka Safar‘ has begun in India.

Frank Huzur
Frank Huzur

The new works break new ground in understanding myriad realms of pornography as a genre in European cinema. At a time when easy access to online porn is causing a streaming world of sexual deviance and offence, Frank’s literature provides a valuable insight as it open a new window for understanding the tantalizing world of porno-chic. Once upon a time it was an adventure. Now, it is an affair. Like a sleepwalker, Frank Huzur drifted into the fireplace of pleasure. Walking through the sex salons and pleasure parlours of porn-studio models, he reached the arena where he could feel the delicate punch of Soho. Often in joy he would scream in Piccadilly Circus, Wow, the sex district of London is, truly, the carnal Olympics.9

The author pushes his pen to present a powerful portrait of Soho, a special literature dealing with many sides of porn cinema and their players. Discoveries are there to be made into pages after pages of Frank Huzur’s literature. The guilty passions and blooming poppies of West End, London’s celebrity circus and nerve centre of West End entertainment, walk before the eyes of readers. There are secret gardens in the heart of Soho. Come, take a walk! Take a peek into the soul of Soho. Everything is bare and beautiful here. For the author, Soho is a strong emotion. Loitering in her soul over a period of time has turned on the fire in the loin of his imagination. So irresistible has been the river of passion and ocean of fury, where ships of sex, sentiment, spirit, storm and suffering have been sailing!

The book can be pre-booked here, here, here and here. For details, contact:  Shailesh Bharatwasi (9873734046), Editor, Hind Yugm,

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