Wall Embodiment

Along with the uprooted bodies of a gregarious crowd, arrive their aspirations, enthusiasm, dreams and desires – repressed or expressed – which gradually gets embodied all over to populate the walls and windows; floors and soft-boards. The hostel rooms often become a culmination of infinite post adolescent articulations of anxieties, announcement of the independent self, assertion of the hard earned freedom from parental authority, exposition of several inclinations – studious, rebellious, or disenchanted. This visual disposition of one’s gendered identity through the choice of color, message, décor, offers layers of meanings and a discernable character to the hostel space.        

It’s neither a hotel nor a house. It does not entail the strict commercial reciprocity of the former, or the series of obligations that characterize the latter. A hostel, where a substantial number of the educated youth around the world find themselves for a few intermediately years, is warehouse of kitsch worthy of being observed.        

What has been documented here are some of the elements of residents’ habitat from closest quarters in fragments and tight close-ups offering a glimpse of their efforts to aestheticize, arrange or disarrange the ten square feet room-space of a male hostel with objects that wait to be wiped-out by the next whitewash in a university hostel.










sreedeep_nSREEDEEP is an independent photographer based in New Delhi with a wide range of visual interests. He has completed his PhD in Sociology in 2011 from JNU, New Delhi. His  academic work engages with consumer culture. He has been a Student Fellow with PSBT and Sarai, CSDS. His works has been exhibited in Faces in the Dark, 5th-24th December 2010 at Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, Calcutta, and brand(e)scape: the changing sur(face) of the city– a solo photography exhibition, Nov 3-17, 2009 in  Arts & Aesthetics Gallery, JNU.  His works has been published in Himal, Kindle, The Sunday Guardian, Better Photography, Outlook Traveller and Discover India. He currently works as a research consultant on various multi-disciplinary projects.

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