Uday Sahay

Uday Sahay is a Communication Analyst. He can be contacted at uday.sahay[at]sauvcommunications.com.

Kudos Arvind Kejriwal for proving what you kept saying all this while, ‘Yes I Can’. Your activism, your energy, your perseverance, and your ability to remain focused remind me of a quintessential warrior. As a citizen of a city full of Khai, Piyi, and Aghai dwellers, I understand how much agony and challenge you would have undergone in converting your dream into a reality.

You have reversed the dominant and prevalent thought of the time that only bad people win. And demonstrated amply how a good man – carrying quality of truth and courage – can win too. Your winning could not have been timelier. To that extent I too share your view that good people should and can win; but I add a bit more to it and hold – even at the cost of being misunderstood as arrogant – if good people can’t win they are good for nothing.

Arvind Kejriwal (Photo: AAP Facebook Page)
Arvind Kejriwal (Photos: AAP Facebook Page)

As an insider of the Organising Committee of the Commonwealth Games 2010 – wherein I was the Additional Director General, Communications – I know it for certain even today how Suresh Kalmadi became the mascot of corruption and stink than of the games he was supposed to represent. I remember vividly how media was hitting Kalmadi hard on corruption and how, oblivious of public opinion, Congress was stubbornly refusing to replace him. But that brought corruption as one of the top-most points in public agenda; expose journalism did the rest by exposing scams after scams – 2010 Games, Radia tape, 2G, Coalgate and not to count the minor few. Writing was on the wall but top leadership in Congress was reluctant to read it. Thus arose Anna’s movement and its offshoot, AAP thereby aligning with the spirit and voice of the time. You did a tight rope walk, faced slings and arrows, but stuck to your core objective.

Happy I am today that a good man and his team have won round one, I’ve three, unsolicited though, prescriptions for you which may facilitate your team’s smooth transit to stage two. 

Kejriwal during an election campaign in Chhatarpur area, Delhi

(2) State Your Position: You need to now spell out clearly which side of the political spectrum you stand – left, right or centre – for all positions of a party originate out of it, be it economic, social, cultural or political. We need to understand ‘your thinking universe in the crafting of an alternative political vision and use of your potential to strategize such a vision’.

(3) And Your Priorities: It is time for diverse sections and communities in India to engage with AAP, to use Amitabha Pande’s expression, “in prefiguring and blue printing the pan India future, which is centred around equality, green concerns, gender, community self governance, and administrative restructuring. It is now time to see if AAP can overcome the hubris of the Anti Corruption movement and think of governance without government”.

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