Lessoning from ‘Bullet’

Sushil Jha is a journalist with BBC. He can be reached at sushilkumar.jha@gmail.com.

I am impatient, always excited…and at times irritated. So they have aptly named me..Angry Jey. Do you think I like to be angry all the time? No! I want to be at peace with myself.

And I do feel at peace when I am riding my Bullet. From home to office and office to home is the only distance when I am at peace with myself thinking about life and joyfulness of the roads that lead to the unknown. Bulllet lets you explore the roads and if you follow the road you will know the world.

On a trip to Goa from Pune, I was riding my bullet and I didn’t talk to her. I didn’t caress her. I didn’t allow her to talk to me. I wanted to reach to my destination just as I work in office. I work as fast as possible. Like many other mechanical human beings I had become result oriented. I wanted to reach Goa asap.

I forgot that reaching a destination is not journey…the journey is itself the destination/destination is just a part of a journey. Bullet knew that very well and it decided to teach me a lesson for the wrong I did. The block piston (an important part of the bullet) broke down. And the Bullet slowed down….so slow that I got really frustrated. But I did not take her to mechanic. I thought of it and then ignored it.


We always ignore minor pains, headaches and cough in our life. Don’t we? I did the same and now I am in a workshop with a specialist mechanic of Bullet. Bullet is on the operating table. The Block piston looks like a liver of the human body. It is kind of a workhorse for the engine. I stared at my baby for few minutes and I said Sorry from my heart. Bullet, I didn’t want to hurt you like this. Bullet said- No you didn’t hurt me. It was bound to happen because you were in a hurry. I love you and I didn’t wanted to break down in a place where there was no one to look after me and you. Oh..! You think so much about my discomfort and look at me, the selfish Jey who wanted to drive fast and reach to the destination. Bullet- That’s what I want to tell you. Don’t run. You will fall down. Create your own rhythm. Go at your own pace. Absorb the atmosphere. Feel the warmth of your surroundings. You have stopped doing that. Life is not a job which you can finish and go home.


Yes life is not a job. A job is just a job. A job is not life. A journey is about enjoying not reaching the destination. Thanks Bullet for this. I will remember this all my life. You have taught me something which no one could in last few years.  I had become a machine, worked like a machine. But now I have realized that I am not a machine. Even machines are not sheer mechanical parts…they too fall sick, need love and rest. But to be able to feel this you need to have the heart to connect with theirs.

Thank you Bullet. Thanks once again.

2 replies to “Lessoning from ‘Bullet’

  1. wow!! I am also passionate about riding bullet and now i am full of joy thanks for sharing your experience with you bullet .. A journey never end 🙂

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