Compiling Rekha’s story

Aradhana Ashish Pradhan is a Delhi based commentator with a keen interest in arts.


Book Review: Rekha: The Untold Story/Yasser Usman/Juggernaut/New Delhi/2016.

Yasser Usman’s Rekha: The Untold Story is a very good read indeed! You get to read all that you want to read. But only a little more than what you already knew about the actor.

If you were born in 70’s you already know most of the documented stories. There are a few instances when you wish the author was more precise. And also there are moments where you want to ask the author to stop insignificant repetitions. Like some of the chapters ending with ‘and AB never commented on this’ sound almost like इति प्रथमो अध्याय!

91zm8mpj2bklWritten with much passion and widely talked about, you may regret waiting before getting your own copy. But there is not more than ten percent in the book that is not available on net. But then the compilation in one cover is pleasurable.

Neeraj Kumar needs a good acknowledgment for providing a whole chapter and that too the most looked-forward one. The one query that kept me asking for an explanation till the end was why Mukesh Agrawal’s brother’s name was Anil Gupta? If a cousin, call him so!

On the whole, if you are my generation and grew up in awe with the private lives of stars and picked up Stardust, Star&Style etc etc regularly even if it meant going miles to buy those every month, there’s very little that did not know already!

But then it’s all those mag pages bound together with a few interesting pictures that you would still like to read and see at once! Buy it only if you can not wait or wait to borrow from those who couldn’t wait!

One reply to “Compiling Rekha’s story

  1. Very well written reviews .. .. based on very sharp and concise write-up ,I will be picking up my copy soon …

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