Bethlehem Students celebrate Tawjehi Results

Elias Halabi is a photo artist based in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Elias Halabi

Text & Images: Elias Halabi. You can join his facebook page to look at the amazing lives of the Palestinian people blacked out by the mainstream global media and its narratives.

Every year thousands of Palestinian youth go through the experience of the Secondary School Exam called “ Tawjehi”. The Tawjehi exam is the government exam that students take all over Palestine and Jordan as well, it is the only way to proceed to higher education. Through out the whole year of the 12th class” High school” student prepare for this exam. Stress is the main feeling that all students have during this last year of school, knowing that if they don’t make it then they have to do it again or go towards professions instead of university and higher education. On the ago the results were announced, 85910 students did take the test, while 53450 students succeeded “62.2%”.

The celebrations of the results were of great importance to those who studied and passed the test, they filled the streets of the Palestinian cities, towns and refugee camps. Males and females, Christians and Muslims, liberal and conservative did not sleep the night before while waiting for the results, but once the results where announced everybody went down to the streets to celebrate the success. 53450 students now are in front of another challenge; what’s next ?

In a few weeks starts the process of applying for universities locally and internationally, those students now have a big step to take, a step that will not only effect them but also effect the future of Palestine. One day when we are free from the occupation, those are the people that will be mostly needed to rebuild what was destroyed and to bring Palestine to the safety shores.

Click here for more images on Elias Halabi’s Facebook page.

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